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LEICA ES2 Microscope For RENT

Specifications -- Leica ES2 with 10x eyepieces, 2-Step Stereo Microscope with 10x and 30x magnifications with 10x/20mm high eye point, non-removable eyepieces, Leica exclusive 50-75 mm inter-pupillary distance, 100mm working distance, student-proof, all-in-one, "plug and play" design, no removable parts, "tool-free" tension adjustment, built-in 25,000 hour 6500 K, true daylight, constant-color temperature power LED illumination for BOTH reflected and transmitted light, side-mounted separate power switches for separate or simultaneous use of reflected and transmitted light, sealed stage plate, built-in universal voltage stabilizing power supply accommodates 100-240 V input, fully safety rated, including country specific power cord and dust cover.